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Making Informed Decisions About Pharmaceutical Drugs

2010 was a historic year for the medical profession and for patients across Canada. British Columbia became the first province in Canada to grant Naturopathic Physicians the authority to prescribe prescription drugs to patients.

Avisio Naturopathic Clinic is proud to announce that Dr. Cindy Quach was one of the first registered Naturopathic Doctors (NDs) in Canada to hold this prescriptive authority after undergoing an intense pharmaceutical course and exam. The pharmaceutical course was taught by the same instructors teaching medical doctors (MD) in BC at the University of British Columbia, School of Pharmacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Q: Does this mean that Dr. Quach will take me off ALL my pharmaceutical drugs?
A: Not necessarily. Dr. Quach will carefully assess with each of her patients the costs and benefits of their prescription pharmaceutical drugs. There may be cases where Dr. Quach will want to have her patients stay on their pharmaceuticals. Other cases include modifications of pharmaceutical dosages and cases where Dr. Quach may feel that a patient is ready to be taken off certain pharmaceuticals. However, all decisions are individually based.

2. Q: Can Dr. Quach prescribe the same pharmaceutical drugs that a Medical Doctor (MD) can?
A: Dr. Quach can prescribe the same drugs that MDs can with a few exceptions.

3. Q: Can I get a prescription refill over the phone? Do I need an appointment to get a refill of a prescription?
A: For pharmaceutical drug refills, patients must book an appointment to see Dr. Quach in person. The same government regulations apply for NDs as for MDs. However, refills of naturopathic medications still do not require appointments.

4. Q: Does Extended Medical Insurance cover the pharmaceutical prescriptions given by Naturopathic Doctors?
A: Yes, Extended Medical Insurances that pay for the cost of pharmaceutical drugs will also cover pharmaceuticals prescribed by Naturopathic Doctors.

5. Q: Does this mean that Dr. Quach can order FREE lab tests?
A: Actually, free lab testing is a completely separate authority from the prescriptive authority that was recently granted. However, Dr. Quach has many GPs who she networks with that would be able to order these free lab tests that are covered by MSP (Medical Services Plan).

6. Q: What does having an ND with prescriptive authority mean for me?
A: This means that you can greatly benefit from not having to run back and forth between your GP and ND. Saving time is always a bonus! Dr. Quach is fully trained in pharmaceuticals therefore she can tailor your prescriptions to minimize interactions between naturopathic medications and pharmaceutical medications. In addition, Dr. Quach explains what each drug does and their side effects so that patients can make an informed decision prior to taking their medications.

7. Q: How soon can Dr. Quach start prescribing?
A: BC PharmaNet is currently entering all Naturopathic Doctors into their system who have successfully passed the pharmacy examination. Pharmacies will take prescriptions from NDs starting September 7th 2010!

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