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Naturopathic Medicine Week 2016 is May 9-15


Special Film Screening

As part of Naturopathic Medicine Week 2014, the BCNA
presented "GMO OMG"

This new documentary is about GMOs, biodiversity, diet,
the environment and the safety and health of our children and
our planet. A panel discussion followed each screening.

Proceeds went to benefit the Family Naturopathic Clinic in
Victoria, BC.

Watch the trailer at

Seed Cycle Schedule

Have you been prescribed the Seed Cycle and having trouble with scheduling?
We have added a 'Phases of the Moon' feature to our Events Calendar below.
Hover your mouse cursor over the moon images to see the labels of New Moon
and Full Moon to guide you.

And remember, for best potency, grind your seeds fresh daily and refrain from
pre-grinding and storing or simply chewing the seeds.

Past Events


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