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Therapies & Programs Unresolved Emotions

Basic emotions such as fear, anger, sadness, and many others can have detrimental effects on our health if they do not resolve properly. “Stuck emotions” can negatively affect our behaviour, our belief system, and even our physical well being.

Where Do You Store Your Emotions?

Have you ever been so nervous you can hardly eat a thing? Or just the opposite, you are so nervous, you can’t stop eating? … Ever heard the expression “I feel as though a heavy weight has been lifted off my chest”, after someone has made a confession? These examples illustrate that emotions reside in other parts of the body besides the brain. Hence, for a person to heal fully, emotional healing is vital.

Address Emotional Health

NeuroEmotional Technique (NET) is a form of applied kinesiology that has helped thousands of people to “let go” of “stuck emotions” which then opens the door for complete healing on the mental as well as the physical level, as these two are so intricately connected.

The Procedure

Dr. Quach helps patients identify and “let go” of stuck emotional events that are associated with physical illness. The benefit is a whole new level of improved health and vitality. Using a simple muscle test, Dr. Quach can localize which part of your nervous system is holding the “stuck emotion”. She will then ask the patient to recall the original event that triggered that emotion. By having the patient mentally focus on the original event, their body will reproduce the original physical response to that event. Dr. Quach will then either contact, or ask the patient to contact, a specific body point, which will help the body “let go” of that “stuck emotion”. It’s really that simple.

You Control The Pace

After the correction, many patients report a feeling of inner calmness and peace. Normally the procedure is quick and comfortable. If it becomes too personal or uncomfortable, you can always choose to safely end the session at that point. Dr. Quach may offer a different approach or continue again at a later session. Patients enjoy the comfort of knowing they are always in control of the session.


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