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Naturopathic Doctor, Cindy Quach BSc., ND, is a diet and nutrition expert whose understanding goes all the way "down to the molecule".

Dr. Quach works with people from all backgrounds, cultures, and any age group. She can create programs for people practicing any type of diet or lifestyle regardless of where you are today and your goals for tomorrow. Her passion for learning and teaching others has gained awards and praise and she brings that knowledge and passion into our clinic to develop specialized plans for you. She can guide you on vegetarian, vegan, raw food, ethnic: East Indian, Islamic, or other religious restrictions. She can also create plans with Paleo, Atkins, Ketogenic, Intermittent Fasting, Time Restricted Eating and more.

Ever wonder why a diet or meal plan worked for others but not for you? Do you have a goal to loose weight? Do you ahve a goal simply to eat better, cleaner, or healthier? Under the guidance of Dr. Quach, you can learn how and why and find out which one(s) will fit your personality, your body type, your lifestyle, or even your nutritional DNA profile (if you desire).

For Dr. Quach, it all began in childhood. Her earliest years of life began in a place and time where having a refrigerator to store food was very rare. "Each meal was prepared daily from scratch with purchases of the freshest whole foods at the local markets."

It was at an early age that she, along with her family, immigrated to Canada. Soon after, she experienced a startling change in culture, eating habits, and her health. Like many fellow Canadians, she became accustomed to the convenient processed foods that are associated with the "developed" North American lifestyle. This change in eating promptly caused childhood digestion problems, weak immunity, and gaining of a considerable amount of weight. She also suffered from an overall sluggish feeling. This eventually prompted a life-long obsession to learn the best ways to use food as medicine.

It was during her pre-medical studies that Dr. Quach first heard the quote from the Father of Medicine, Hippocrates, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” That was the stroke of genius that lit the fire and started her devotion to obtain a naturopathic medical degree. She learned that she could help herself and use that knowledge to help others. She rightly believed this could help to achieve a healthier lifestyle, known and practiced for centuries but forgotten and ignored in recent times.

Her experience as a university student, living on a limited budget, with piles of school work, volunteer work, and job commitments stimulated Cindy to come up with unique ways to make quick, easy, and nutritionally balanced meals for our 'On-the-Go' lifestyles. She has since created simple, easy to follow nutritional methods based on our body's biochemistry. These methods helped her to lose 25 pounds and keep it off with ease.

It may come as no surprise to find out that Cindy completed her Bachelors Degree in Biochemistry and Nutrition at Simon Fraser University prior to going on to earn her Doctorate from the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine. Dr. Quach now uses her passion and vast knowledge to "connect the dots" of naturopathic medicine, biochemistry and common sense to teach her patients and students the importance of using foods in disease prevention and how food affects our body’s metabolism. It is a modern day version of, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”

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Seeking Nutritional Counsulting?

Whether you are seeking help with weight loss, trying to recover from a major illness, or simply wanting to learn how to fit healthy eating into your busy schedule, our naturopathic doctor has the knowledge and skills for creating a delicious nutritional program that targets your specific needs. The programs are practical and easy to follow.

We have all experienced those extremely busy days of the week where we feel that there is just no time to eat right. At Avisio Naturopathic Clinic, we stand by the saying, “You are never too busy to eat right, when you know how”. Equipped with the knowledge and nutrition programs our naturopathic doctor designs for you, you will see that eating nutritionally balanced meals is easy and doable no matter how busy you are.

Depending on your nutritional program, there may be times that recommended dietary changes are supplemented with any variety of the highest quality, professional vitamins, minerals, herbs or glandulars. Our supplements are handpicked by Dr. Quach for quality and specific concentrations of ingredients.

Patients on the Seed Cycle

Have you been prescribed the Seed Cycle and having trouble with scheduling? We have added a 'Phases of the Moon' feature to our Events Calendar.

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