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Reports claim a variety of contributing factors are increasing our chances of more frequently coming in contact with colds and flu viruses.

Factors such as; closer living conditions, our daily commute, greater and more frequent travel, public gatherings, or colder weather prompting us to spend more time indoors where environments are tighter and we are nearer to others. In nearly all cases, prevention can be a key to containing and controlling the spread of infectious disease.

This is where we come in. Our naturopathic doctors can help by creating personalized programs that take into account your lifestyle, your commute, as well as your mode and frequency of travel. We teach you how to plan for emergencies, work or school environment, or holidays, for example.

Additionally, our programs can help you to stimulate and support your body’s ability to fight off disease, viruses, bacteria, and the like by working with your current lifestyle. We can combine scientifically proven tools such as very specific whole foods nutrition, simple lifestyle considerations, homeopathy (where applicable), and supplementation to strengthen your immune system through difficult times as well as everyday life.

Annually, up to 1,500 Canadians, mostly seniors, die from influenza-related pneumonia, and many others die from other influenza related complications such as an aggravation of underlying chronic heart and lung disease. We're working to make a difference.


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